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Queer Tours France

LGBTQ+ Tours in Paris

Who are we

We are the only LGBTQ+ tour company in France and we specialize in itineraries that, while showing you the best of the cities, include and highlight stories of queer people related to these places. 

Queer Tours France was inspired by the need to go beyond mainstream tours that most often give little space to LGBTQ+ people or ignore the importance of the historical figures’ and artists’ sexual orientation and its influence upon their art and actions.

By putting back the LGBTQ+ protagonists in our tours, we aim at creating a more complete storytelling and analysis of the events and works of art that punctuated

French History.


Our Tours in Paris

We are proud to offer the most inclusive tours of the main museums and areas in Paris and special LGBTQ+ tours that follow people who lived in the city.  

We warmly welcome everyone on our LGBTQ+ tours in Paris and we remind you that they are the perfect go to for LGBTQ+ travelers. You will not only learn the history of your community behind the monuments, museums and attractions you will visit, but also receive tips and recommendations for the best queer places where to go out for a perfect stay in France!

Woman sitting in Paris during an LGBTQ+ tour

Highlights of Paris: LGBTQ+ Perspectives Tour

A great introduction to Paris and its main monuments, this tour is also a way to discover many LGBTQIA+ people who lived here and areas where the community used to hang out before the Marais became Paris’ gay area. 

Room in the Louvre Museum on an LGBTQ+ tour

The Louvre: Masterpieces and LGBTQ+ History Tour

This tour of the Louvre will not only take you to the most important masterpieces of the most visited museum in the world, but also through the history of same-sex relationships from Antiquity to the Renaissance. 

People under a rainbow flag during Paris pride

LGBTQ+ Tour: Struggles and Lifestyles

From the Saint-Germain area to the Marais, this tour follows commoners, writers, artists, kings and queens that lived queer lives in Paris from the Renaissance period to present day. 

View on the Père Lachaise cemetery during an LGBTQ+ tour

LGBTQ+ Tour of the Père Lachaise Cemetery

While strolling through this gorgeous park that happens to be the most famous cemetery in Paris, you will discover on this tour the tombs of many LGBTQIA+ icons and other celebrities.

Proposal during an LGBTQ+ tour in Paris

LGBTQ+ Love Stories and Your Proposal 

Propose to your beloved one at the end of a special tour that brings to light the most fascinating LGBTQIA+ love stories in French History and in the streets of Paris! After the tour, our proposal partner will be waiting for you in the most chic Parisian setting: flowers, champagne, your love letter and…everything you want.

Discover the best queer love stories in Paris and create

an unforgettable moment for yours! 

Our Clients Say

Jihan Sun

"As a tourist, it was such a wonderful tour. definitely learned a lot but also it was very easy and relaxing. Doina is very knowledgeable about the city and LGBTQ+ history. enjoyed the tour very much!!! Doïna also recommended other places I could visit in Paris, which turned out to be one of the best memories I had in Paris. I would highly recommend this tour!!
As a queer person, i'm more than happy to find something like this tour that represents our community and shows people our history and point of views. Also if one is newly arrived in Paris, this would be a great way to find the community and will feel more accepted in a new place."

Why book with us

• We take you to the monuments and areas that you always wanted to see and many others

• We offer the only really inclusive tours that speak about all the letters in the LGBTQIA+ acronym

• We have the best knowledge of events, bars and other hang-outs for the community 

• We only work with local guides from the LGBTQIA+ community or very strong allies


Contact us

Our tours are on demand, we will do our best to find you a fabulous guide at the date of your choice. Drop us a line with all the details and we'll be back to you fast (also on WhatsApp)!

Rainbow balloon on an LGBTQ+ tour in Paris


154 rue des Poissonniers, 75018, Paris, France

+33 637 891 721

Thank you for your message. We will be back to you as soon as possible!

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