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2 women during Paris' pride, founders of Queer Tours France

About us

Doina (she/her) & Laetitia (she/her)

Founders of Queer Tours France

During her PhD in History and years of studying Art History, Doina understood the insignificant place left by teachers and books to the LGBTQIA+ community. As a lesbian guide, spreading those stories became increasingly important to her over the years. She started including them in mainstream tours, then created specific itineraries focusing on LGBTQIA+ people in Paris. This was the beginning of Queer Tours France.

Laetitia worked for years in cultural and artistic education for children and teens. She participated at creating and managing projects in cultural centres and schools, especially around music. She has 1000 projects at a time, she wants to become a professional trombonist, travel the world (again!) and explore the beauty and richness of the LGBTQIA+ community. She decided to support Doina in the creation of Queer Tours France by bringing her skills in project engineering, development and partnership.

As queer travelers ourselves, we always appreciated when tours included LGBTQIA+ people and when our guides could recommend us places to hang out. And why not create ourselves the tour company we would like to find anywhere we go?

Meet our Fabulous Team

We are 100% queer and local! We do accept allies in our team (and they have done a lot for this project!), but we are proud to announce that currently all our guides and office members are part of the LGBTQIA+ community! It's our way to put forward their experience and life stories and support the queer community. 

A guide from the team of LGBTQ+ tours in Paris

Charlotte (she/her)


Fantastic Guide and Tour Creator

‌Charlotte studied History, Art History and the industry of tourism. She has been a professionnal tour guide for nearly ten years.
Because she truly believes visibility helps queer people  to be proud of who they are and to embrace themselves (it did for her), she has been in a few queer organizations, battling for queer visibility and against LGBTQIA+phobia. 
For her, creating and leading queer tours is a way to take her battle for queer visibility to her professional life and to meet queer people from all over the world.

Why book with us

• We take you to the monuments and areas that you always wanted to see and many others

• We offer the only really inclusive tours that speak about all the letters in the LGBTQIA+ acronym

• We have the best knowledge of events, bars and other hang-outs for the community 

• We only work with local guides from the LGBTQIA+ community or very strong allies

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